The dean of college basketball Jim O’Connell of AP and guru of European youth hoops Christophe Ney of

In Episode 5 of Taking The Charge, heinnews’ David Hein and BallinEurope’s Os Davis host a college basketball bash with the dean of college hoops reporting, Jim O’Connell from Associated Press, who has been covering the game since 1979 and has reported on every Final Four since Magic and Bird in 1979. Dave and Davis also welcome to the show Christophe Ney of for some insight on international players at colleges in the United States.

Don’t miss Jim talking about his ganster tour of New York City and Christophe addresses the enigma that is Adria Gasol and talks about the starts of BallinEurope

Jim O’Connell is not the only one who would love to go back and watch this epic game – Texas Western v Kentucky, the 1966 NCAA Final


Rundown of the show: (time in hrs:mins:secs)

Week’s news – Euroleague, China hoops, NBA: 02:00

Jim O’Connell – AP college basketball reporter: 28:05

This week’s musical guest: Atomic Butter Babes: 1:41:48

Christophe Ney – : 1:45:45

What’s up this week: 2:58:00





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