Jon Pastuszek of and Ed Odeven of the Japan Times talk Asian hoops

Jon Pastuszek of and Ed Odeven of the Japan Times talk Asian hoops

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 17 – Asia Special: Os Davis of BallinEurope and Dave of heinnews have a return guest with Jon Pastuszek of who updates up about basketball in China, including Chris Tang .

They also welcome to the show Ed Odeven of the Japan Times to to talk about hoops in Nippon and the differences between the JBL and bj League as well as some insight into the newspaper world in Japan.

For the Movie of the Week segment we watched “Shaolin Soccer” and we heard some different Japan-inspired music.

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Here is the trailer for “Shaolin Soccer”

Here are links to the New Year’s songs – Special New Year’s thanks to Free Music Archive

“Japanese Airlines” – Olympic Smoker

“Japanese” – Action Davis


Week’s news –

News: Bobby Brown – Euroleague/NBA; Euroleague Top 16 Week 2 review and Week 3 preview

Ed Odeven – Basketball Writer with Japan Times: 43:30

Jon Pastuszek – Blogger with 1:32:45

This week’s music 1:29:29 and 2:14:30.

Movie of the Week: “Shaolin Soccer”: 2:18:00

What’s up this week: 2:31:10



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