Amanda Zahui B. will likely be celebrating a lot during her basketball career.

Amanda Zahui B. will likely be celebrating a lot during her basketball career.

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 63: Os Davis of BallinEurope and Dave of heinnews talk about new members of the FIBA family and more FIBA issues, women’s college basketball with Amanda Zahui Bazoukou of the University of Minnesota and Euroleague.

For our Movie of the Week, we watched “Trouble with the Curve

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Episode 63: Breakdown of show

News: Plenty of info from the FIBA Central Board – welcome South Sudan and East Timor to the FIBA family, NCAA women’s college hoops, Euroleague

Amanda Zahui Bazoukou from University of Minnesota: 25:00

This week’s music: “The Popsicle Palace (Are You Going To?” by The Ginger Ale Revolution 1:40:50, “You Jump First” by The Simple Carnival 2:00:00

Movie of the week “Trouble with the Curve”: 1:46:00



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