Marcelinho Heurtas tries out Google Glass with his Barcelona teammates.

Marcelinho Heurtas tries out Google Glass with his Barcelona teammates.

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 110: Os Davis explains to Dave of heinnews and the audience why he will no longer be doing the podcast. Afterwards they talk about the first round of games in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Then they talk about using Google Glass on the court. For the movie of the week, we reviewed “United“.

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Episode 110: Breakdown of show

News: Os tells us why he cannot do the show any more, first round of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague

Chris Kennett: 57:35

This week’s music: “Imagination” by D3Zs 1:40:45; “That’s Not Me” by CM aka Creative 2:27:45

Movie of the week: 1:49:30



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