Tibor Pleiß is in pain with a right knee injury. An MRI showed no serious damage - photo Zink from AZ

Two-time defending German champions Brose Baskets Bamberg and the NBA championship contenders Oklahoma City Thunder breathed a collective sigh of relief as an MRI on prized center Tibor Pleiß showed no serious damage to his right knee.

“Fortunately, there was nothing torn and the knee capsule was only overstretched,” said Bamberg general manager Wolfgang Heyder in the Nürnberg Abendzeitung.

The 22-year-old Pleiß went down in the fourth quarter of Bamberg’s Game One victory over Artland Dragons and had to be helped off the court. Pleiß underwent an MRI on Monday.

Now, there is even a chance that the center can play in Game Two on Tuesday, May 22, at Artland. Pleiß, who is expected to join the Thunder next season, is a game time decision for Game Two.





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