Kaunas (heinnews) – Spain coach Sergio Scariolo made his pitch for the best quote of the 2011 EuroBasket on Friday with his flattery of Juan Carlos Navarro after the Barcelona guard scored 19 of his 35 points in the third quarter of Spain’s 92-80 victory over Macedonia to reach the final.

“Navarro is this kind of player. He has these nights where he is kissed from the grace. He’s a masterpiece. It’s like a picture in the Louvre,” Scariolo told the post-game press conference.

But Scariolo wasn’t done.

“He’s unbelievable. He’s one of the best artists. He has his own inspiration. Out of this planet. On his own cloud. He is a joy to have as a person.”

Scariolo’s comments come less than 24 hours after Russia coach David Blatt compared himself to a horse trainer and his star Andrei Kirilenko as a horse.

“Have you ever been a horse trainer? Andrei is like a beautiful, wild horse. He’s best when he’s roaming around and running free. We ask him to play within the system but honestly his best moments are when he’s doing what his heart and his instincts are telling him to do,” said Blatt about Kirilenko.

“I try to not tell him about basketball because I feel it will interfere … Thank god he’s on my side.”

Don’t know, race between them two quotes is pretty close.





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