Happy New Year to all!

The Detroit Pistons won again while the Orlando Magic returned to the winning column and North Carolina kept cruising.

The two highlights of the NBA schedule on New Year’s Eve saw the Detroit Pistons – minus Rip Hamilton, Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace – hold off the New Jersey Nets 83-75 for their fifth straight victory.

No. 4 in that streak was a tough win over the Orlando Magic, who out-scored the Chicago Bulls by 16 points in the first quarter in cruising to victory – 113-94 – for their eighth win in the last nine games.

In college basketball, top-ranked North Carolina headed out west and easily handled Nevada 84-61 to move to 13-0 on the season in their final test before ACC conference play tips off against Boston College.

Elsewhere in college hoops, unranked UNLV beat No. 18 Louisville on the road as the Cardinals dropped their third game of the season. Gonzaga meanwhile have dropped three straight, losing by one point at Utah.

Michigan State and Minnesota tipped off their Big Ten basketball conference season, with the Spartans handing Minnesota their first loss of the season.

The college football bowl season is nearing its climax – and finally getting to some interesting games. There are two nice games for New Year’s Day as Georgia face off with Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl – expect the Bulldogs to thrash Michigan State.

And the really intriguing matchup is Penn State versus USC in the Rose Bowl. This is a great showdown of coaches – PSU’s 82-year-old Joe Paterno and USC’s Pete Carroll. Both of these teams had hopes of a national title during the season. This will be a fun one.

Some unfortunate news out of the NBA as Charles Barkley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Chicago Cubs hopefully know what they are doing after signing second baseman Aaron Miles and dealing away Mark DeRosa to the Cleveland Indians.

Another move in baseball saw Colorado Rockies closer Brian Fuentes sign a two-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels to replace Francisco Rodriguez. Apparantely Angels management was not ready to hand the ball to Jose Arredondo.



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