The Philadelphia Phillies may have resolved their decision on whether to let Pat Burrell leave the organization by trading for slugging outfielder-first baseman John Mayberry Jr. from the Texas Rangers.

The World Series champs parted ways with speedy outfielder Greg Golson, who was the 21st pick by Philadelphia in the 2004 draft. The Texas native hit .282 at Double-A Reading last season with 13 home runs, 60 RBI and 23 stolen bases in 106 games.

But in returned the Phillies acquired a real power bat in John Mayberry, who was drafted No. 19 in 2005 by Texas and is the son of former Royals slugging first baseman John Mayberry.

Mayberry Jr. was considered one of the biggest bats in a loaded Texas minor league organization. He hit .264 while slugging 20 homers and 71 RBIs in 135 games and 519 at-bats combined at Double-A Frisco and Triple-A Oklahoma.

Mayberry is not far from making the big leagues and could be a big help in the powerful Phillies lineup in 2009.

Taking a look elsewhere in the world of sports, things are strange in Washington where Gilbert Arenas is saying the early season struggles by the Wizards – a 1-8 start – may actually be a good thing.

“I don’t want to see them struggle,” Arenas said Thursday at Madame Tussauds, where his wax figure was unveiled, “but if this is one of those years where we don’t make the playoffs or we finish in last place … that’s what happened to San Antonio and that’s how they got Tim Duncan and look at them now … and that’s for the better.”

The former All-Star Arenas is still rehabbing from his third knee surgery in 1.5 years and there is no time table for his return. But it definitely seems odd that a team’s star is talking about tanking the season this early even though he isn’t even playing.

And in a move that appeared evident, USA Basketball has decided to move its headquarters from Colorado Springs, Colorado to the Phoenix suburb of Glendale.

Colorado Springs is the headquarters of the U.S. Olympic Committee but a new facility in Glendale will serve as the training site for all U.S. basketball national teams and will host basketball competitions year-round.

Why was this move evident?

Jerry Colangelo, who helped build the 2008 Olympic gold medal winning men’s basketball team, was elected chairman of USA Basketball’s board of directors. Colangelo also is the former owner of the Phoenix Suns.



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