Photo from FIBA Europe - Harry Zampetoulas

heinnews’s David Hein met up with Montenegro and EWE Baskets Oldenburg guard Sead Sehovic. They discussed Oldenburg’s up and down season to date; the 22-year-old’s adaptation since leaving Montenegro; the Montenegro national team; and Montenegro’s NBA centers Nikola Pekovic and Nikola Vucevic.

heinnews: Oldenburg have been struggling a bit in the league. What’s been happening?
Sehovic: We have had some little problems in our game when Bobby Brown didn’t practice. We have had some bad nights. We start weak and it’s hard to get back into the game.

heinnews: Oldenburg have done well in the EuroChallenge thus far though.
Sehovic: Yeah, we are playing really well in that competition. We won our first seven games. We want to try to reach the next round. That is clearly our goal. We just want to do our best in that competition.

heinnews: Where do you see the importance of the German league and the EuroChallenge?
Sehovic: I don’t think the EuroChallenge is quite as important. Of course every competition is important for the team to get better. But I think the main goal is to be better in the league. And I know that we will play better in the league for sure.

heinnews: You are 22 years old and are playing your first season outside your homeland Montenegro. How has your development been going?
Sehovic: It’s okay. Four months ago I got here. I’m still trying to find my way in this league. I like this league. It’s a good league. And I will try to stay in this league as long as I can.

heinnews: What are some of the things you do here well and are strong at?
Sehovic: I can play both the shooting guard and small forward position. And that’s a good step for me – to be able to play both positions.

heinnews: You were close to making the Montenegro national team last summer but just missed out. How disappointing was that?
Sehovic: That was disappointing because that was the first big competition. But I am young and I have time to get a spot in the team. Now we have changed coaches with Luka Pavicevic as national team coach, and now I will try to play for the national team.

heinnews: What did you think about the coaching change with Pavicevic replacing Dejan Radonjic after the disappointing first round exit at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania?
Sehovic: I don’t really know and can’t say anything exactly because I wasn’t there. If I were there I could see what happened – if it was a bad job by the whole team or what. I hope that we can be better in the next big competition.

heinnews: And what are your thoughts about EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia?
Sehovic: Ooh, that will be a tough group. We have Serbia and Israel and some other tough teams (Slovakia, Estonia and Iceland). But we will see. We just have to prepare next year. And hopefully I will be on the team and I will do my best to help us get to EuroBasket.

heinnews: How close are you to making the team do you see in your eyes?
Sehovic: I don’t know. I never worked with the new coach. He was here in Germany a long time with Alba. I heard some good things about him. I will just try my best to make the team and get some minutes

heinnews: What was your motivation to leave Montenegro and your club Buducnost Podgorica and try something else?
Sehovic: When we finished the last season our club was in a really bad situation with money and everything. So I tried to move somewhere to try something new – for me to go outside and not be at home. I wanted to make a career outside of Montenegro. But if my ex-club gets better I don’t have anything against going back.

heinnews: What are your goals in the future?
Sehovic: Every player has a dream to play in the NBA. But I am just thinking about playing the best that I can. And we will see where I can go. Maybe a Euroleague team, maybe stay in Germany. Maybe a lower level or higher. It depends how I play and how I develop.

heinnews: Speaking of the NBA, what do you think about the Montenegro centers in the NBA, Nikola Pekovic with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Nikola Vucevic with the Philadelphia 76ers?
Sehovic: I played with Nikola Vucevic at the U20 European Championship and he’s really good. He’s doing really well there. But for Nikola Pekovic I think it’s better for him to stay in Europe. He dominated Europe and his style of play is a better fit for Europe. But he decided to try something there and that’s good. But he would be dominating if he came back to Europe.



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