For those not on twitter wanting to know a bit about how Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is spending his time with the NBA locked out, here is a collection of some of his tweets on @swish41. The NBA champion took some time on Wednesday to answer his followers’ questions.  Here are his responses but a bit of other background taken from his twitter account.

@iamsko: how are you staying in shape with the lockout and everything?
Nowitzki: Doin cardio every day and playin tennis

@majydh: How far do you think (German soccer/football team) Bayern (Munich) will go in the Champions League this season?
Nowitzki: I hope they win it all but will be tough

@Schwe_String: how do u feel being ranked #5 by ESPN?
Nowitzki: Its an honor to be mentioned among top players in the world. Period

@Octoberty: Hey Dirk, what’s your official prediction for the World Series?
Nowitzki: I got (Texas) rangers in 6

@jimmyd10101: do you shoot better jumping off one or two legs ?
Nowitzki: Two legs. More balance

@patjburns: Did you transfer your powers to (Texas Rangers baseball player) Michael Young when you bumped fists?
Nowitzki: Ha. No. He has enough powers

@RodVeal41:  if all the Mavs players had a royal rumble who would win?
Nowitzki: Jj barea ha

@RodVeal41: why do you have to touch the ball after Tyson wins the tip off?
Nowitzki: Good question. Just to get a feel for the ball)

@AJRReady: what’s your favorite place to play at on the road?
Nowitzki: MSG! (Madison Square Garden in New York)

@cfriday5:  Will you be playing in Europe if lockout continues?
Nowitzki: I might if we lose whole season

@GarzaJ420: If you and Larry Bird played a game of HORSE who wins?!?
Nowitzki: Larry legend of course

@Newjersey5: what pg (point guard) did you enjoy playing with more Nash or kidd?
Nowitzki: Both r two of best PGs to ever play the game

@cyoung214: Ivan Lendl or Boris Becker?
Nowitzki: Boris of course. German legend

@SportsJoe: What’s the best part of your tennis game?
Nowitzki: Serve. And that’s the only good part)

@TheRealTwiggg: why are you so hard to play with in the video game 2k any tips?
Nowitzki: Just press circle button to shoot from anywhere

Later Wednesday Nowitzki tweeted about the support for him to throw out the first pitch of a Texas Rangers World Series, which Major League Baseball (MLB) had initially spoke out against.

“Thanks every1 on the support regarding first pitch. Its ok.Mlb is too old school. I will still be there to support our boys. Let’s get game1,” wrote Nowitzki.

The 33-year-old German is a huge sports fan, as one can tell by reading through his twitter account.

“Goin to FC Dallas game tonight. Gotta see what this@BrekShea kid is all about before he goes to the bundesliga. Who else is goin?,” Nowitzki tweeted on Tuesday about U.S. Soccer emerging star Brek Shea.

In a German post on October 13, he mentioned how crazy it was that Florian Mayer beat Rafael Nadal in China: “Habs gerade erst gesehen. Florian Mayer schlaegt nadal in shanghai. Wahnsinn”

Nowitzki also regularly watches and tweets about tennis, posting on October 12: “Just watched McEnroe/Borg: Fire and Ice again. Greatness. 2 rivals pushing each other to new limits and becoming friends doing so. Amazing”

And of course he is a huge basketball fan. And he talked about the good parts of the NBA lockout and a bit of a history lesson in two tweets on October 6. “Only good thing abt lockout is nbatv shows hardwood classics all day. All star games from late 80s early 90s and finals boston la from 80s…. Jordan bird isiah barkley malone magic kareem all in one game? And celtics lakers in 80s were classic too. I could watch all day”

Nowitzki also writes about other Dallas sports stars such as Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on October 3: “Dear tony romo. Don’t worry abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving.”

And he also talked some hockey on September 21: “Say it aint so. Mike modano officially retired today. Icon and a legend and an even better person off the ice.”



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  1. Dirk Fan says:

    Dirk has his mental and physical toughness back. He will play well tonight against the Suns and I’m glad he sat out for awhile.


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