Back when everyone had a chance to get Lin-sanity! AP Photo/Fred Beckham

Long before there was Lin-sanity in Manhattan, ratiopharm ulm tried to bring New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin to the German Beko BBL league.

Two years ago, Ulm’s general Thomas Stoll and then coach Mike Taylor were in the United States observing games in the NBA Summer League for players for the 2010-11 season.

One player stuck out to Stoll and Taylor – Jeremy Lin.

But it was quite clear, quite quickly that there was no chance that Ulm would get a chance to experience anything close to Lin-sanity.

“His agent said that (Lin) would either play in the NBA or go to China,” Stoll told the Ulm daily Sudwest Presse.

Stoll said he figured Lin would make the NBA but did not believe anything like the current hype would happen.

The trip to the NBA Summer League wasn’t a total loss for Ulm as Stoll and Taylor found their current big man John Bryant.





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