The class of the NFL is slowly pushing to the absolute top as the New York Giants beat up on the Washington Redskins 23-7 on the road and the Pittsburgh Steelers beat down the New England Patriots 33-10 – also away from home. These two teams look destined for a Super Bowl showdown.

Eli Manning and his Giants shrugged off the distraction of top receiver Plaxico Burress accidently shooting himself in the thigh to register his first 300 passing yard game of the season. And the New York defense stopped Redskins running back Clinton Portis for just 22 yards.

But Manning remained realistic, telling ESPN: “We haven’t won anything yet. That’s our focus. We are always looking to improve on things. We know what our goal is and we’re not getting ahead of ourselves.”

The Steelers meanwhile don’t even have a chance to get ahead of themselves with an tremendously tough schedule, with Dallas, at Baltimore, at Tennessee and Cleveland still on the bill. The stingy Pittsburgh defense forced five Patriots turnovers and have given up 10 points or less in four of the last five games.

The Steelers also now have the inside trackfor the home field advantage throughout the AFC – moving a game ahead of the New York Jets.

Here a couple of other things we’ve noticed …

Chicago Cubs fans will get a kick out of this one.  And will like this one.

The New York Knicks-Stephon Marbury mess is becoming just nutty

Anyone think Dirk Nowitzki wishes Dallas had not traded away Devin Harris?

And here is a short one-on-one interview with Patrick Ewing.



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