After a bit of time to look back on the Dallas Mavericks’ playoffs loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dirk Nowitzki said he believes the reigning champs could have done more against OKC while also hoping to bring a big name into the mix next season; praising Deron Williams’ abilities; and saying his future with the German national team will be decided on a year-by-year basis.

“It was a very frustrating end to a difficult season,” Nowitzki said in an interview with the German language sports news portal

“After the championship, many important players moved to other clubs and due to the lockout no proper season preparation was possible. And, the murderous schedule due to the shortened season was an enormous physical challenge.

“Still, we were unlucky in losing the first two games against OKC. What’s left over is the feeling that we could have done more.”

Nowitzki was then asked about the possibility of himself picking up the phone and calling New Jersey Nets superstar Deron Williams and trying to lure him back to his home city Dallas.

He responded: “Of course I hope that we can convince a high-level player for our concept and surroundings to come to Dallas.”

When asked about Williams’ abilities in particular, Nowitzki answered: “Deron is one of the best playmakers in the league. He is a very good shooter from outside but also has a good drive to the basket. And he can also pass. He is simply a very good all-around player.”

Nowitzki has repeatedly said he will not play for Germany this summer as they go through qualification for EuroBasket 2013. The European silver medalists and world championship bronze medal winner re-iterated he would take the summer off from the German team.

“This summer I will not be able to play for the national team. But we will re-think this decision from year to year,” said Nowitzki.



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