Well, it’s just about weekend and time to let off some steam. First off, I have to tip my hat to the Philadelphia Phillies. As a Cubs fan, that is very hard to do. But I suppose at least the championship is in National League hands. But what’s with all the “PH” headlines – really phunny.

Everywhere you look it’s Phinally Philly this or Phantastic Phillies that. ESPN had Phil-Good Ending, and even MLB.com is calling today Phillie Phriday. Come on. Enouph is enouph.

But … the Phillies got the job done and the Cubs didn’t. And now the city can finally celebrate. And names like Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge will go down into history with the stars of the 1980 Phillies team- Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Greg Luzinkski, Larry Bowa, Steve Carlton and Tug McGraw. Congrats Philly.

With the end of the World Series starts the winter Hot Stove phree (oops) agent and trading season. And the first bunch of players have philed (sorry) for their chance at getting new big phat (sorry – I can’t stop) contract. Leading the way are Manny Ramirez and Mark Teixeira.

Ramirez took his Manny being Manny show to LA and ripped the cover off the ball for the last two months plus the post season and is looking at $25 million per for four years. My money is that he will get $20 million per over three or four. He will only get $25 million per on a two year deal.

Teixeira is not asking for as much as Manny but he will get paid! He is a power-hitting, switch-hitting, Gold Glove-fielding first baseman. The dollars will flow. The New York Yankees would love to get the 28-year-old, but expect Teixeira to possibly go to Baltimore as he is a native of the area.

While the rest of the hitters don’t have the same flair – Milton Bradley, Jason Varitek, Joe Crede, Ken Griffey Jr., Bobby Abreu and Raul Ibanez lead the rest of the bunch – the pitching market is loaded.

The biggest name of course is CC Sabathia. Of course the Yankees will throw more than 100 million at the big man. But the Brewers would love to keep Sabathia but don’t be surprised if the Dodgers or Angels can reel in the California native.

The top reliever is Angels star Francisco Rodriguez, and he will probably get the money he is looking for – even though I doubt he should.

Also out there is A.J. Burnett, who has 15 days to decide to opt out of his contract with the Blue Jays. He has two years left for $24 million dollars. Burnett is already 31 years old and will not likely get a big deal in two years time, so I would say he opts out.

But there is a long list of other solid free agent starters out there. Among them: Derek Lowe, Ryan Dempster, Ben Sheets, Jon Garland, Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte, Randy Johnson, Randy Wolf, Jamie Moyer, Oliver Perez and Pedro Martinez.

As a Cubs fan, seeing Dempster’s name out there irks me a bit. That is the last thing the Cubs can afford. But then again, a big left-handed bat would be nice and the Dempster money could be spent on bringing that kind of guy in – maybe Abreu, Ibanez or Griffey? Who knows? But that left-handed bat issue needs to be addressed.

So, starting to run long here. Let’s get to my Phriday (this is the last one, I promise) Predictions:

College football:

Going out on a limb and saying that Alabama will be No. 1 next week. No. 2 Alabama will be cruise past Arkansas State and top-ranked Texas will get beat in Lubbock against No. 7 Texas Tech. That is the top matchup while Florida heads to Georgia in a top 10 showdown, which the Gators will win (sorry Ian, I know it pains you to hear that).

Onto the NBA:

I just have one game I want to get to now. I see the Portland Trail Blazers winning at home against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday. I know, I know. Portland got thumped by the Lakers and San Antonio lost at home against Phoenix. But I think the Trail Blazers have more weapons offensively in Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Travis Outlaw and darkhorse Rookie of the Year candidate (You read it hear first) Rudy Fernandez. My pick: Portland goes to 1-1 and the Spurs drop to 0-2.

And let’s finish off with NFL football.

The New York Giants will beat up on the Dallas Cowboys. Don’t need to say too much about this. Dallas has big names but the Giants have the big-time players.

Have a nice weekend all





  1. Judi says:

    I’m disapointed in you Dave! No commentary on the BEARS? They’re just as much heart-breakers as the CUB.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi jw, oh there is disappointment there too. but there is still plenty of time for them.
    just figured i would get the baseball in since the season just ended


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