Could Dennis Schröder be on his way to Bayern Munich soon?

Could Dennis Schröder be on his way to Bayern Munich soon?

Bayern Munich may go after young German point guard Dennis Schröder if he doesn’t make it to the NBA, according to a report in a Munich newspaper.

“If he doesn’t make it to the NBA, he will play at FC Bayern,” the Munich daily TZ quoted an insider as saying about Schröder.

The 19-year-old athletic playmaker shot up talent observers’ charts this season as he went from 2.3 points and 0.7 assists over 8 minutes per game last season to 12.0 points and 3.2 assists in 25 minutes this season for New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig.

Schröder’s performance this season led him to win the Beko BBL Most Improved Player award and the Best German Youth Player honor. It also earned him a spot on the World Select Team at this weekend’s Nike Hoop Summit.

The TZ newspaper reports that Bayern are extremely interested in acquiring Schröder, whose team Braunschweig is in serious danger of relegation. With six Germans necessary for 12-man rosters, young German players are worth more than ever.

“We value greatly the development of German talents and players,” TZ quoted Bayern personnel boss and general manager Marko Pesic, who in January added 19-year-old top German talent Paul Zipser on a four-year contract.

Pesic’s father and Bayern head coach Svetislav Pesic is well-known for his ability of developing young talent – which would make Schröder a good fit for Bayern.

Schröder would also help Munich long term in the point guard position.



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