The Boston Celtics lost yet again but Beantown fans should not worry. In baseball, two 41-year-old pitchers close to signing new deals. And the college football champion will be determined on Thursday night.

If the Boston Celtics can take a positive out of their current struggles – they lost for the sixth time in the past eight games, and the first time at home – it may be that they still have plenty of time to re-define themselves.

Sticking in Boston, the baseball Red Sox are reportedly close to signing John Smoltz. This would be a great move for Boston. The deal would be incentive-based because of question marks on Smoltz’s health. And bringing the big-game veteran would give manager Terry Francona six veteran starters – Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jon Lester, Tim Wakefield, Brad Penny and Smoltz.

The Red Sox also are nearing a deal with outfielder Rocco Baldelli, who would have extra motivation playing for his local team.

The other 41-year-old pitcher just about ready to move is closer Trevor Hoffman, who could be on his way to Milwaukee.

Sticking in baseball really quick, here are two Chicago Cubs items. Here is the latest on Chicago’s fifth starter and it looks like Mark Cuban will not be owning the Cubs?

College football fans are the big highlight Thursday night as Oklahoma takes on Florida in the BSC title game. Here is a breakdown of the game. Take Florida to win – quarterback Tim Tebow will will the Gators to the victory.

In football/soccer, David Beckham readies for his Serie A debut for Milan on Sunday.

The NFL saw another coaching move as former New York Jets coach Eric Mangini took the head coaching job for the Cleveland Browns.

Moving onto basketball, the Denver Nuggets got a back-up big man in the deal with the Oklahoma City for Johan Petro.

And European hoops, the women’s game saw some amazing moves in Russia as EuroLeague Women sides CSKA Moscow and UMMC Ekaterinburg both made coaching changes just before the start of the play-offs.



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