Boris Simanic has yet to really show his stuff for Crvena Zvezda at the professional level. But that is coming.

Boris Simanic has yet to really show his stuff for Crvena Zvezda at the professional level. But that is coming.

Audi Dome spectators were in the presence of one of the top basketball prospects in the world at the Bayern Munich vs Crvena Zvezda Telekom Belgrade Euroleague game. The only problem is that if the fans didn’t watch pre-game warm-ups, they missed him.

Borisa Simanic did not get onto the court for Zvezda in their heroic 90-79 victory over Bayern Munich. The 2.09m forward only warmed up with the team, hanging out beyond the three-point line, nailing one triple after the next as if was the most normal thing in the world.

The 1998-born Simanic has only played in three of Zvezda’s five Euroleague games, averaging 4.0 points and 2.0 rebounds. His main highlight was against reigning champions Real Madrid as he collected 10 points including two three-pointers to go with four rebounds, one steal and two blocks.

But Zvezda coach Dejan Radonjic was unable to get Simanic into the game against Bayern. Still, Radonjic was not afraid to pass some lofty praise about the 17-year-old, who is going through his first professional season.

“His adaptation to the senior team is going very well, as planned. His talent is really big, and his potential. And if he continues to work like this and practice like this, I definitely think he’s going to be the star of European basketball and maybe worldwide too.,” Radonjic said.

NBA scouts in Europe are already busy working on schedules of Euroleague and Adriatic League games hoping to catch a glimpse of Simanic in action, especially after he showcased a great skill-set at the 2015 U18 European Championship and the 2015 FIBA U19 World Championship with Serbia – not to mention the 2015 Adidas Next Generation Tournament.

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There’s plenty to dream on with Simanic, who is adding new things to his game on a daily basis.

And Zvezda’s forward Quincy Miller should know since the 22-year-old American goes against Simanic at practice every day. Miller knows the NBA too from playing 69 games over three seasons for Denver, Sacramento and Detroit. And Miller said Simanic is a sure bet to make the NBA.

“Ah man, all the tools. There’s nothing missing. Except he’s gonna get bigger but that’s going to come with time. But jumpshot, speed, jump, nice touch. He’s different. He’s different. He’s unique,” Miller said.

When asked what he tells Simanic, Miller said: “Just stay consistent. You’re going to be in the NBA for sure.”



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