Maik Zirbes is the subject of many transfer rumors

Brose Baskets said Thursday that his Bamberg team had not yet reached an agreement to bring German center Maik Zirbes to the three-time reigning champions – as suggested on various Social Media platforms Wednesday.

“It’s no secret, we commented a couple weeks ago, that we have major interest in Maik and that Maik is interested in coming to Bamberg. But the fact is that there is no contract at the moment,” Heyder said in a video on the private Twitter account of Thomas Meyer @Teem72 in the Bamberg press department.

“There are still some details to clear up. We are working on that and we hope to announce a deal in the next 14 days.”

The Twitter and Facebook worlds went crazy upon reports that Maik Zirbes had signed a contract with Bamberg until 2015 with an NBA out for 2014.

Zirbes, who was in Treviso, Italy until Tuesday working out at the Eurocamp, who been the subject of many rumors going back into the just-completed season and the current off-season.

One team looking heavily at Zirbes is Alba Berlin as new coach Sasa Obradovic told the Berlin Morgenpost: “Maik Zirbes is very interesting.”

The 22-year-old center was the BBL’s Best German Youth Player last season with TBB Trier. And it is one of the most coveted big men in Germany considering his talent and his German passport – since German clubs starting this season must have six Germans on their 12-man roster.

The expected departure of Tibor Pleiß to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA is a double hit for Bamberg as he was a great center and he was a German. Looking at it from that angle, Bamberg can almost not afford not to sign Zirbes.



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