Let the Allen Iverson European Tour begin – the former NBA superstar will play his first game outside of his new home Turkey on November 23 in the EuroCup. And the hosts of the game BG Göttingen are very much looking forward to Iverson’s arrival.

“What can I say? Allen Iverson is Allen Iverson. He’s an institution,” said Göttingen’s American coach John Patrick at a press conference on November 12.

“Besiktas is also strong without Iverson. With him, they’re a totally different character because sports marketing wise, he is not only an athletic star he’s a superstar. He was a superstar of the sport and hip hop culture in America and outside America.

“I am happy that we have a chance to play against him. Hopefully our players won’t be too nervous playing against the hero of their childhood.”

A planning conflict moved the game from the 3,700-seat Lokhalle – a former centenary locomotive repair warehouse – to the 6,600-seat Volkswagen Halle in Braunschweig – located 110 kilometers away.

“We do not really want to leave our home gym, but the situation is what it is and we want to make the best of it that we can. I can only try to motivate everyone to support the team in Braunschweig,” said Göttingen general manager Marc Franz at the press conference.

Göttingen are desperately trying to drum up interest and team spokesman Björn-Lars Blank told heinnews on November 19 that nearly 3,000 tickets had been sold, adding: “We expect about 4,000 spectators on Tuesday.”

“We are reaching out to the region around Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter and Peine. And we have also approached the Turkish community. There is also a press release in Turkish. We would be happy if the arena is really full, if not even sold out,” said Franz.

Franz said Iverson’s arrival in Germany is certainly worthy of the extra efforts and provides excellent publicity for the club, which won the Eurochallenge title last season.

“In Allen Iverson we have a player from the other team that makes the trip to Braunschweig worth it,” said Franz. “We believe it’s an important date for Germany to see Allen Iverson here.”




  1. Christian Jamison says:

    great warrior,never tires of playing,win or loose gives his all, people are jealous,mean,they write of allen’s jail time, as they do NFL QB VICK, STILL about the “dogs”; yet white people like show host Larry King, a fellon, jail mug, announcer for NY Nicks, both white, nothing about their past. so thank GOD i CAN WATCH ai, HE WORKS HARD, HE IS COMPETITIVE,GENEROUS WITH HIS MONEY,got a bad deal from white management w/76ers and blacks alike in Philadelphia, all because he was confident, worked hard and dressed like the young person he was.
    Love to Turkey and my only Great Athlete, Lakers paid money for players from Europe,Kobe got help, Answer got broken down Nba players like Webber.Yet Allen gave his all, he is the greatest. thanks for letting us see him play.


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