Aleksa Uskokovic drives to the lane against Italy for Serbia, who got the overtime win to reach the final of the 2016 Albert Schweitzer Tournament. Photo DBB

Aleksa Uskokovic drives to the lane against Italy for Serbia, who got the overtime win to reach the final of the 2016 Albert Schweitzer Tournament. Photo DBB


Semi-Final day at the 2016 Albert Schweitzer Tournament the question on most people’s minds is if the Germans’ run can continue and they reach the final. Let’s say they convincingly put concerns aside and will take on Serbia in the final.


Argentina beat Egypt for 11th place 

The day’s first tip-off was in Viernheim with Argentina taking on Egypt in the game for 11th place. Santiago Vaulet continued his excellent tournament by collected 23 points, eight rebounds, five assists and four steals while Lisandro Fernandez scored 21 points and Matias Solanas added 17 points. Lautaro Lopez chipped in 12 points and seven assists for Argentina.

Egypt got 23 points from Seifledin Elsanadily while Omar Farag collected 22 points, eight rebounds and five assists in the loss. Youssef Abdrabou chipped in 11 points and four rebounds and Hassan Elkouga had eight points and five rebounds.


United States knock off Japan 88-81

The second game in Viernheim saw the United States hold off Japan to win and collect ninth place. Quinton Rose picked up 20 points, nine rebounds, six assists, three steals and one block while Jimmy Boeheim scored 17 points, Dylan Painter had 12 points, Hameir Wright added 11 points and nine rebounds and Garrison Brooks had 10 points and eight rebounds.

Japan, who were out-rebounded 56-31, nailed 11 three-pointers with Yuki Mikami nailing eight of them in scoring 27 points while Yudai Nishida scored 18 points, Kai Toews and Avi Schefer both hit for 10 points and Rei Ito had six points, four rebounds, eight assists and two steals.


Greece win 75-55 over Australia

Greece will play for fifth place as they beat Australia in sound fashion, thanks to a 21-6 third quarter.

The low post duo of Dimitrios Kourepis and Vasilis Christidis combined for 30 points and nine rebounds while Kostas Papadikis added 12 points in the victory.

Australia, who turned the ball over 26 points, got 13 points from Isaac White and Matt Kenyon picked up two points, five rebounds and two steals.


Turkey get past China 82-75

Greece will face off against Turkey for fifth place after the Turks had a real dog fight with China. Görkem Dogan scored 19 points, Onuralp Bitim hit for 18, Ömer Al and Alihan Deniz Genc both scored 12 points in the win. Ahmet Can Duran did chip in 10 points to go with four rebounds, three assists and two blocks.

China, who will play Australia for seventh place, got 18 points from Jia Hao while Bai Haotian scored 16 points, Xu Jie nailed five three-pointers for 15 points and Zhu Rongzhen collected nine points, 11 rebounds and two blocks.


Serbia win in OT vs Italy 77-75

Serbia advanced to the final as they outlasted Italy 77-75 in overtime. Aleksa Radanov had 22 points, five rebounds, seven assists and two steals while Borisa Simanic collected 17 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks – including the game-winning lay-up with three seconds left in overtime.

What was nice about Simanic’s performance, especially in the fourth quarter and overtime was that the didn’t always just settle for three-pointers but started taking it to the basket.

Serbia also continued to experiment with Radanov as the point guard, with some decent success.

Milos Glisic added 21 points and Matija Radovic chipped in eight points and nine rebounds.

Serbia, who lost their coach to two technical fouls in the first half, made just 8-of-39 three-pointers (20 percent) but managed to win.

Davide Moretti poured in 29 points while also picking up 10 rebounds, six assists and one steal to go with 11 fouls drawn. He also made two free throws with 10 seconds left to force overtime.

Lorenzo Penna scored 14 points and Isacco Lovisotto added 10 points.

Alessandro Simioni was the tragic figure in the game for Italy, missing three shots near the rim in the extra session.


Germany race past France 71-50

Germany showed off their class by rolling by France, never really being threatened in the game. Center Moritz Sanders led Germany with 15 points, hitting four-of-six three-pointers while Richard Freudenberg scored 10 points to go with four rebounds.

Philipp Herkenhoff led Germany in playing time with 22:21 minutes and every German scored at least two points and 11 got at least one assist.

Germany’s tremendous length really gave France fits on offense as Les Bleus were held to just 28 percent on field goals in the game. Jaylen Hoard picked up 12 points and four steals while Bathiste Tchouaffe scored nine points.

France will take on Italy for third place.


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As an extra, here is the scouting report of the AST from the great Simon Jacas



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