Robert Bobroczky’s future with the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy in Rome is over as the giant Romanian teenage has reportedly headed to the United States to work on getting his body right.

Bobroczky spent two years at Stellazzurra, including winning one Italian title with the club. But he has left the academy and reports have him working out in Houston, Texas.

According to one report, Bobroczky has grown to 2.31m (7-foot-7) after being 2.22m (7-foot-3) at age 13. He only turned 16 years in July 2016.

Stellazzurra worked extensively on Bobroczky’s body – not even worrying about his basketball development. But that relationship is over.


If Bobroczky has in fact grown again, that means at least some of the work put into improving his physique and movements may now need to be repeated.

Some believe Bobroczky may never play organized basketball again – that his body just will never allow it.

Let’s hope he can turn things around for the better.



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