The 24-team field for EuroBasket 2013 is complete.

The EuroBasket 2013 Qualification Round has ended and it’s time to break down what happened between August 14 and September 11, 2012. heinnews’s David Hein called up Os Davis of to chat about who made it in to EuroBasket 2013, who didn’t, what we liked about the qualification system and what we didn’t and why, thanks to Taylor Rochestie, Montenegro could complete against Spain.




  1. The problem with Portugal is not a FIBA’s problem. Portugal made a great Eurobasket in 2007 with a 9th place and reached Eurobasket 2011 with some of the players of that generation.

    But Portugal doesn’t have teams playing in European level, neither players. So it’s an internal investment problem, with less quality players and less teams (Porto closed their pro team this summer).

    Portugal NT faced the Eurobasket QR with a lot of unemployed players and will need to raise up their formation levels. But it’s also fair to say that the group Portugal was in was one of the most problematic of the qualification. Having to play Italy, Turkey and Czech Republic wasn’t easy.

    I do think this new form of qualification is better. These teams and players need to play more. But each team should be also obliged to have, at least, one team in European Team Competitions.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Luis, thanks for listening and commenting.
    I think an important step also for these smaller nations is having their clubs play in the European competitions. that gives their players a taste of the level as well. it’s pretty much the same concept – in order to get better you have to play against better teams and get exposure to them

  3. Exactly, Dave.

    In Portugal there’s a terrible money problem. But Benfica should be, at least, an Eurochallenge habitué.

  4. 9-er says:

    I’m sure that Montenegro will be reinforced by 2 NBA centers Peković and Vučević + there is a possibility that Mirotić (from Real Madrid) will join the team
    Mitotić played for Spain U20 team though. Anyways FIBA decided that he can play for Montenegrin national team due to the non regular player registration by Spanish Federation.
    So Spanish federation had to pay the penalty fee and let Mirotić decide for which team he wants to play.
    That said center line (pos 5 and 4) candidates for Montenegro would look like this
    Peković, Vučević, Mirotić, Dubljević, Sekulić, Dragičević Golubović (dunno about him though)

  5. 9-er says:

    About tournament expansion
    Cmon!? We all know why FIBA Europe did it. And it has nothing to do with promoting the sport.
    Lets just say that if ITALY failed to qualify FIBA Europe would make eurobasket2012 with 36 teams.(or more or maybe would merge with FIBA ASIA)
    Can U remember what happened after qualifications for eurobasket2011.
    Group A: (standings)
    1 Montenegro
    2. Israel
    3. Italy
    4. Latvia
    5. Finland
    By that only Montenegro and Israel qualified before FIBA Europe decided to change the rules and add qualifying round for teams that didn’t qualify in old fashion way. That means Montenegrin team lost 3 years for nothing (going trough that division B). Just to be allowed to play at qualifiers for eurobasket2011.

  6. Dave says:

    hey 9-ER, I had not seen that Mirotic may go back and play for Montenegro. Is that a real option? Is that being discussed at all? I can imagine with Ibaka in Spain that he will be around for a while.
    If you have more details would be interested in hearing them.

  7. Dave says:

    Great note by 9-ER about the EB 2011 qualifiers. That was a pretty amazing development – Italy and Latvia third and fourth and basically out of the event

  8. 9-er says:

    here some articles about Mirotić.
    (I’ll wrap long urls via so u wont have to do copy/paste over big chunk of text)

    U might have to use some translation engines (google, bing ….)


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