The wait is nearing an end for German basketball fans as Dirk Nowitzki has returned home from his vacation and will undoubtedly make a decision soon on whether he will play at EuroBasket 2011.

“Hey guys. Just got back from vacation,” said Nowitzki on his Twitter feed Tuesday.

Nowitzki headed off to holidays in an undisclosed location following his MVP performance in helping the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA title.

Nowitzki said between winning the crown and leaving for vacation that he needed time away to think about if he would play this summer for Germany in Lithuania.

The former NBA MVP has taken a two-year break from the German national team and said before the Mavericks reached the NBA Finals that he would play in Lithuania. But the season going deep into June and an injured finger have left doubts he would compete for a spot at the 2012 Olympics.

His first appearance will be at the ESPN ESPYs award show, as he said on Twitter. “Should be a great time. Are Mavs team of the year? I think yes.”

The German national team will begin their first training camp of the summer on July 22. They will fly to Gran Canaria Spain for about 10 days and then play a game against Finland on August 5 in Hagen. They will then play in a tournament with Turkey, Serbia and Ukraine in Izmir, Turkey from August 9-14.

That will be followed by the Beko Supercup in Bamberg, Germany with Greece, Turkey and  Belgium and then one game against Bosnia-Herzegovina in Bremen and two contests versus China in Munich and Berlin.



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