The ReD Foxes and the Olympics just go perfectly together

heinnews may not be at the London Olympics but that doesn’t mean there can’t be news from the Games on the site. heinnews’s David Hein contacted Elena Rozkova, CEO of the Ukrainian dance group ReD Foxes, which is performing at the men’s and women’s basketball games in London. They talked about the ReD Foxes performing at their third Olympics, top Olympic memories, and looking back at their venture in the world of football at Euro 2012.

heinnews: So, this is the ReD Foxes’ third Olympics. How amazing is that to hear? 

Rozkova: It sounds great to be an Olympic Dance team for the third time, and this is the most important achievement of the ReD Foxes. It is really something more inside the spirit of each member of our big ReD Foxes family.


ReD Foxes CEO Elena Rozkova shows off some Foxes gear

heinnews: And how many World Championships have the Foxes appeared at? 

Rozkova: There were two Worlds in Japan and Turkey and five EuroBaskets.


heinnews: What is your favorite memory of the 2004 Olympics and also from the 2008 Olympics?

Rozkova: Personally my favorite memory from the Olympics in Athens was the award ceremony for women. After being on the podium, the USA girls made a special joking photo shooting with ReD Foxes, and gave us their medals for that. It was so much fun. In Beijing, I was traveling with my 9-month daughter Eva, and it seems that local people were so surprised to see a white blue-eyed baby that they came to touch her on every corner.

heinnews:What are you looking forward to most at the London Games?

Rozkova: To meet more new people, to receive more applause and to show the world ReD Foxes’ talents.


heinnews: How many dancers will you have? And how many dances? How many more dances have you come up with since EuroBasket 2011, if any? 

Rozkova: In total we are 12 people, 11 dancers and me. We have 14 dance routines for the basketball Olympic tournaments.


heinnews: The ReD Foxes also expanded into the world of football, what was your favorite part of taking part in the Euro 2012? 

Rozkova: My most favorite part was the premier of the ReD Foxes song Winners. So many people enjoyed our live singing-dancing performances. On the final day at the Kiev Fan Zone there were 100,000 people in audience – it was an amazing feeling.

here is glimpse of the video.

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heinnews: What was the biggest thing you learned from the football world that you can implement into the basketball world?

Rozkova: To use as many girls as possible to impress the world with our beauty and talent. A dream we have for EuroBasket 2015 (in Ukraine) is to have 100 Foxes ladies on the basketball court.

heinnews: How much will the group be dancing? For both men and women? And how many games per day?

Rozkova: We have two games every day for both men and women. And we also have evening sessions consisting of two games and spend more than six hours at the arena every day.



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