Anya Ganapolska (middle) leads the ReD Foxes at the 2012 UEFA European Championships

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 11:Os and Dave talk to the team that dominates during the timeouts of basketball games – the ReD Foxes dance team. We chat with one current dancer – Anya Ganapolska – and past dancer and current CEO Elena Rozhkova about all things ReD Foxes.

Salman Mitha of Sport Eagle TV talks to Dirk Bauermann while he was still head coach at Bayern Munich

Also on the show for a second time is Salman Mitha of Sport Eagle TV to talk about the hiring of Svetislav Pesic as new head coach at Bayern Munich.

For the Movie of the Week segment we watched “Invictus” while Wolfman Os introduces two songs by our musical guest of the week Bauchklang.

Enjoy all

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Here is the trailer for “Invictus”

Here is the video for the song “Berging” by Bauchklang

Here is the ReD Foxes’ video for the song “Winners”
Week’s news -Dario Saric has found a home!; Kostas Papanikoloau steps it up for Olympiacos; Ante Tomic dominates for Barcelona; how good are Brose Baskets Bamberg; German national team: 13:00

Salman Mitha – SportEagleTV: 1:15:35

Anya Ganopolska – ReD Foxes dancer: 2:22:35

ReD Foxes song: Winners: 2:54:54

Elena Rozhkova – ReD Foxes CEO: 2:58:30

This week’s musical guest: Bauchklang: 2:18:40 and 3:22:05. Follow Bauchklang on their website

Movie of the Week: Invictus: 3:28:05

What’s up this week: 3:46:25



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