Fraport Skyliners found their new coach as former Alba Berlin boss Muli Katzurin will be the new man in Frankfurt, replacing the man who took his job in the German capital Gordon Herbert in what amounts to be a swapping of coaches for top German BBL basketball league clubs.

“I am happy to come to the Frankfurt basketball family and I look forward to the challenge of building a new team in Frankfurt,” said Katzurin.

“Frankfurt has an excellent basketball tradition. The goal has to be to build upon the success of last season. I am looking forward to the Frankfurt fans.”

Katzurin, who took over as Alba coach in January and led them to within one victory of the BBL title before losing Brose Baskets Bamberg in the final, has signed on a two-year contract with the Skyliners. And the 56-year-old Israeli will have a rebuilding job in Frankfurt with eight players leaving the semifinal team from last season, which ended in a playoffs defeat at the hands of Katrurin’s Berlin team.

“Muli is a very experienced coach who knows the BBL very well. I am looking forward to working with him. Now we have to put together a team,” said Frankfurt sports director Kamil Novak, whose team will be playing in the Eurocup this season.

BBL MVP DaShaun Wood is following Herbert to Berlin while team icon Pascal Roller is retiring with Dominik Bahiense de Mello, Roger Powell, Grayson Moyer, Joe Dabbert, Bradley Buckman and Jermaine Bucknor all parting ways with Frankfurt.

The biggest returnees are Jimmy McKinney and Quantez Robertson, the latter who signed to remain in Frankfurt another two years.

“I am very happy that we have some continuity with the roster from last season with the signing of Quantez Robertson,” said Katzurin.

“He is a team player, a hard worker and is exactly the kind of guy we need. He has really developed and is a fighter with a big heart and he always moves well without the ball. He gives us someone who always will do what the team needs.”
The other returning players available for Katzurin are Marius Nolte and Fabian Franke.

Katzurin will also have the services of German international Joe Herber, who left Walter Tigers Tübingen after one season to join the Skyliners on a two-year contract.

“Sports-wise, Frankfurt is very exciting for me. They will be playing internationally and have always been in the playoffs over the years,’ said the 28-year-old Herber.

The other new addition is 19-year-old Danilo Barthel, a German who comes from second division ProA side USC Heidelberg.
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In other BBL news, TBB Trier head coach Henrik Rödl continued to sign young players from the Alba Berlin system in adding 22-year-old low post player Andreas Seiferth on a two-year contract.

Rödl played 14 seasons with Alba before moving into coaching and then taking over the coaching reigns at Alba from January 2005 to 2007. He then served as the director of Alba’s youth program and/or head coach of Alba’s second team from 2007 until taking over in Trier in 2010.

Rödl previously signed veteran Dragan Dojcin away from Berlin while also picking up swing man Philip Zwiener as well as Oskar Fassler – both who also were in the Alba system but could never find regular playing time with the senior side.

Seiferth was the ProB third division Youngster of the Year last season, averaging 15.4 points and 10.7 rebounds per game for Alba’s second team.



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