heinnews couldn’t help but notice that the ReD Foxes were getting more and more involved in the world of football. And with the Euro 2012 taking place in their native Ukraine – along with Poland – it was clear that David Hein needed to check on the latest plans with the dance group.

Hein caught up via email with one of the top dancers Darya and they discussed their advancements into the football world; the hidden treasures and top meals in Ukraine; more popularity for the dance group in Ukraine; their new music video “Winners”; and thoughts about Ukraine winning the right to host EuroBasket 2015.

heinnews: First of all, how exciting is it for you personally and the ReD Foxes in general to have the football world be looking upon Ukraine for such a huge event? – 

Bomok: It is a big luck to be the host country of such an awesome huge event! It is been almost four years since we started preparations for Euro2012 when ReD Foxes performed for the first time on the football field during the Ukraine v Andora game! So we were really waiting for the start of Euro pretty much because it brings a lot of new experience, new emotions and opens new page in ReD Foxes history.


heinnews: What do you think it means for Ukraine and the people of the country to have this event take place there?

Bomok: It is a big honor for Ukraine and Ukrainians to host Euro2012! We are really proud of that! Also it is a huge responsibility! We have a great chance to represent our country, show the real Ukraine and I hope that all the tourists and fans will like our country and will come back here again.


heinnews: Many people have never been to Ukraine, what are some tips for them – what to see, what to do, what to eat? Sort of hidden treasures of the country from a local?

Bomok: Ukraine is amazing country full of interesting places! Each city in Ukraine is different. Lviv and Kiev are old cities and they are full of history, so if you want to see the soul of these cities you just have to walk a lot in the city center! There you will found a lot of amazing churches, museums, historical buildings! About what to eat, everyone who is going to visit Ukraine have to make a list “What I have to try in Ukraine” because Ukraine is pretty famous for its kitchen and the list of the Ukrainian dishes is too long!!!

Everyone have to try borshch with pampushki and garlic (it is a traditional Ukrainian soup with special bread), dumplings with potato, cabbage or cherry (original name of this dish is varenuku), pancakes with cheese or poppy seeds and of course salo. If you have free day and have nothing else to do, you can take an excursion or visit the theater or have a rest on the riverside or just sit in a café and relax or come to fan zone and watch ReD Foxes performance …. what ever you want.


heinnews: Ukraine has been receiving some negative press lately for political reasons. How disappointing is that for you and the group with such a great event coming up?

Bomok: Who cares about politics when the main European sport event is going on??? Everybody relax and just enjoy the championship.


heinnews: People from the basketball world are very aware of the ReD Foxes. How popular is the dance group in Ukraine?

Bomok: During Euro2012, ReD Foxes became much more popular in Ukraine than it was before. We perform every day on the main stage in Kiev city center so thousands of people can see our show. That increases popularity very much! Organizers even made special zone where hundreds of people line up to take picture with us.


heinnews: How much did it help performing on the ”I love Ukraine” TV show?

Bomok: We performed for them already for a second season and that brings results. In regular we are involved in two other TV shows and now the main Ukrainian TV channels are competing for ReD Foxes to take part in their TV show.

heinnews: The ReD Foxes have also moved into the football world a little bit. I saw that you performed at the Ukrainian football cup and were also at the final draw for Euro 2012. What do you think about being more involved in the football world as well?

Bomok: Football is pretty popular in the most countries in the world! And we are happy that we can take part in the top events! But it is not the end, ReD Foxes have great plans about that and I hope that after Euro2012 we will continue conquest of the football world.


heinnews: What has been the reaction from the fans? And how does it compare to basketball fans?

Bomok: It is a great possibility for ReD Foxes to be involved in the football world to show how variable we are and to feel the huge difference between basketball world – to know a new side of sports fans.

Our first performance at football was in the summer of 2009 and it was very successful. It was Ukraine- Andorra game in Kiev and fans became so crazy when they saw 30 girls in bright dresses dancing on the grass, more over making dancing moves combining with gymnastic plastics. It was brand new in Ukrainian football world.

If compared with basketball, fans in football are not used to seeing cheerleaders at the stadium, but I can assure you that every one of them wants to see ReD Foxes more often than two times during the football game and longer than two minutes!)) We make games more interesting and making fans support their favorite teams harder, especially now, when Euro 2012 is going on in Ukraine.


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heinnews: What if any are the group’s plans for Euro2012?

Bomok: ReD Foxes always have a great plan! Every time we try to create something new and develop ourselves! This year we made a surprise for all the European fans – recording the song “Winners”. We sing the fan-chants in different languages. In the video you can see 16 girls that represent 16 countries participating at Euro2012. Video shooting took place in four regions of Ukraine and continued more than month.


heinnews: How much of the football do you plan on watching?

Bomok: I was planning to watch all the games but because of busy schedule I watched only two games but I always check the results of the games after.

heinnews: Who is your pick to win the title?

Bomok: After the group round I thought that favorites were Portugal and France, but Germany and Spain were playing good too. Football is unpredictable so we will see who win the trophy.


heinnews: Ukraine also won the rights to host EuroBasket 2015. Since the ReD Foxes are synonymous with basketball, how excited were you and the group that FIBA Europe selected Ukraine?

Bomok: That was the greatest news!!! We were so happy when we found out that Ukraine will host EuroBasket2015. Finally we will perform at home and all our friends from the basketball world will visit our country.


heinnews: What kinds of plans are being made for that tournament? Or is it just so far away and the Euro 2012 so big and right around the corner that no plans have been made yet?

Bomok: We have plans for five years as minimum and 2015 is so close! I guess it will be new item for an interview in 2015. But now I can tell you for sure that we will do something new to surprise all our fans and show our best.

heinnews: On a personal note, I see you were voted as the winner of the “Best Foxes Dancer 2011-2012” on Facebook. What are your thoughts on that?

Bomok: I want to say thanks to all the fans who voted for me! I really appreciate it! It is a big honor to be the best dancer in the best dance team! Also it a best motivation to work out, develop myself and bring more smiles and good emotions to fans.



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