heinnews’ David Hein this week took a trip to northwest Germany to visit with Je’Kel Foster, guard for reigning German league BBL champions EWE Baskets Oldenburg. They discussed Oldenburg’s tough 104-61 loss at home against Real Madrid; how the German champs have fared thus far in the Euroleague; and the team’s status in the German league.

heinnews: Obviously Oldenburg were playing against Real Madrid – one of the best teams in the Euroleague. But wow tough is this loss for the team?

Foster: Any time you’re playing one of the best teams in Europe you have to come and play your best because they play at a high level the whole game. You have to tip your hats to them. They have a really good team.

heinnews: How did this performance compared to what the team has been able to do in the Euroleague thus far?

Foster: I just think today was one of those games where we were not on our game. They came out playing well. They passed the ball well. They worked together really well. It was just one of those days where it was not going right for us.

heinnews: Real were shooting 72 percent from the field after three quarters, was that Oldenburg’s defense or them just having great execution?

Foster: I think it’s just good execution. We played okay defense. They just made tough shots.

heinnews: What does the team want to take from this showing and the rest of their games in the Euroleague in the BBL?

Foster: We just have to come out and play every game. No matter who the opponent is we have to come out ready to play.

heinnews: How well do you think Oldenburg has presented themselves in the Euroleague thus far?

Foster: I think we’ve done pretty good. Of course you don’t like losing but losing is part of basketball. We just have to go back and get ready for the next game.

heinnews: And in the BBL? Eight weeks into the season, what do you think about the state of the team?

Foster: I think we are doing okay in the league. We just need to go back to the drawing board and keep practicing and playing hard.



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