Photo from Brose Baskets Bamberg website

Brose Bamberg general manager Wolfgang Heyder said the reigning German BBL league champions are reviewing whether or not they can host the 2012 Eurocup Finals and even turned down hosting the 2011 event.

Heyder told the German sports channel Sport1 at halftime of the Göttingen-Bamberg game that he was in Barcelona last week to discuss with Euroleague officials among other things the finances of the deal.

“Fundamentally we are happy about the possibility. It’s really an honor,” Heyder said in the television interview.

“We discussed the financial foundation in Barcelona. Now we have to do our home work. And I think in the next four or five weeks we can say if it’s possible, if we find sponsors, if the environment is willing to invest in it. It would be a great story, also for the region of Bamberg and Nürnberg. We would be happy if we can get it done.”

Heyder also said that Euroleague officials asked him if Bamberg could host the 2011 Eurocup Finals – which will take place in Treviso, Italy on April 16 and 17. But the general manager said the German club did not have enough time to work out the planning.

“That was too last-minute. We need a sound financial plan and a business plan,” said Heyder, who hosted EL CEO Jordi Bertomeu at a BBL game in November 2010. .

The Bamberg boss added it would have been too much for the southern German club, which will be hosting the German Top Four Cup as well as the German national team’s Super Cup in August.

“It was too much for us. We have the Top Four in Bamberg and then in August the Super Cup. Bamberg is secretly the basketball capital, but that would have been too much,” said Heyder.



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