For all the good that the Beko BBL does, the one questionable event is the Top Four Cup. And Germany’s already unfortunate qualification process for the Top Four weekend has added another element of complication – thanks to the success of Alba Berlin in the Euroleague.

Here a breakdown of qualification and the change:

Until now, the top six teams in the Beko BBL standings after the 17th of 34 regular season game days besides the Top Four weekend hosts (seventh-placed team if the hosts are in the top six) reach the Qualification Round. The six teams will be drawn into three one-game match-ups with the three winners joining the Top Four hosts for the weekend of action.

This season, there will still be six teams from the Beko BBL standings playing a Qualification Round with the three winners reaching the Top Four final four weekend. But new for this season is that the teams’ record will not include their results against the Top Four hosts. And then a new standings is set up.

Hmm? One more time please…

Whatever your favorite team does this season against Alba Berlin will not count in the standings for the Top Four qualification – the Qualification Round to be played out on or around February 6, 2013 and the Top Four taking place in Berlin from March 23-24, 2013.

Besides the fact that it’s disappointing in general that only seven teams have a chance to win the title, this extra move was done because of scheduling issues with Berlin now that they have reached the Top 16 of the Euroleague.

The problem is that Berlin’s game against Bonn from the second game day has yet to be rescheduled




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