This week has another absolute highlight on its college football schedule with No. 2 Texas Tech travelling to No. 5 Oklahoma, while the undefeated Tennessee Titans host Brett Farve’s red-hot New York Jets and the Eurocup basketball regular season tips off.

The biggest showdown has to be Texas Tech and Oklahoma down in Normon. The Red Raiders offense has been outstanding all season but so has the Sooners defense. This game could decide which team makes the BCS title game but will most likely determine the winner of the Big 12 South Division. In big games, home field advantage is key so the prediction is Oklahoma hands Texas Tech its first loss of the season.

A couple of other interesting college football games:

No. 7 and undefeated Utah hosting No. 14 BYU in the biggest rivalry in the Mountain West Conference. Should be a blast out west – Utah at home.

And No. 8 Penn State looks to make its first trip to the Rose Bowl since 1995 when its hosts No. 17 Michigan State. Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions’ hopes of a national championship were doused with a one-point, last second loss two weeks ago against Iowa. Look for Penn State to dominate in what possibly is Paterno’s last game as coach.

Staying with American football but heading to the professional NFL ranks, the New York Jets are heading to the Tennessee Titans looking to hand the hosts their first loss of the season. Jets QB Brett Favre has gotten to know what his supporting cast can and can’t do. The AFC East leaders have won four straight games and six out of their last seven for a 7-3 record.

But Tennessee is a perfect 10-0 and the Jets game is the last of an extremely tough stretch which included wins at Jacksonville and Chicago and at home over Green Bay and Indianapolis. The next games are at Detroit and at home versus Cleveland. So there could be a let-down at the end of a tough stretch. But there won’t be. Tennessee wins at home over the Jets.

Heading to European basketball, the ULEB’s Eurocup regular season starts on Monday with Lietuvos Rytas hosting Asvel Basket. Look for Chuck Eidson to lead Rytas to a comfortable victory at home while getting plenty of help from his barrage of three-point shooters. Lietuvos cruises past Asvel in competition opener.



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