The NFL has two big matchups which could show just how good a couple of teams are while there are two interesting European domestic league basketball games and the German football/soccer Bundesliga finishes off its first half.

The defending NFL champions New York Giants travel to the Dallas Cowboys coming off a loss against Philadelphia while the Cowboys gave up a 13-3 lead in the final seven minutes in losing against the Pittsburg Steelers.

This will be a huge game as the Giants want to prove the Eagles game was just a hiccup on their way to the Super Bowl while Dallas is playing of their play-off life. Plus the Cowboys will have revenge on their minds after losing 35-14 in New York earlier in the season. Still, Eli Manning and the Giants will get the victory over Dallas.

The other big NFL showdown has the Pittsburgh Steelers playing at the Baltimore Ravens. Pittsburgh have a one-game lead in the AFC East. And they will make it a two-game lead with a Pittsburgh victory as the Ravens offensive line will not stop the Steelers defensive push.

Heading to European basketball, Lottomatica Roma will face off at home against Benetton Treviso. Roma have run into tough times in the Italian league and of course are dealing with the departure of head coach Jasmin Repesa. Roma lost at DKV Joventut in the Euroleague while Benetton are a perfect 3-0 in the Eurocup. Expect Treviso to continue Roma’s nightmare stretch with a road victory.

Over in Greece, Olympiacos play host to fellow Euroleague side Panionios after losing at Unicaja. Panionios meanwhile were thrashed at CSKA Moscow and will have to play a motivated Olympiacos side. This won will not be a blow-out but Olympiacos win comfortably.

In the German Bundesliga, leaders Hoffenheim can secure themselves first place over the winter break with a victory at home over Schalke on Sunday while second-placed Bayern Munich travel to surging Stuttgart on Saturday.

Hoffenheim just added top-class keeper Timo Hildebrand and will be extremely anxious about finally playing – the loss at Bayern came on Friday. But Ralf Rangnick’s Hoffenheim will prevail again. Bayern, meanwhile, will also notch another victory.

And one more interesting matchup of teams still trying to find their identities comes in college basketball where No. 15 Memphis play at No. 19 Georgetown. Take G’town at home.



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