Euroleague president and CEO Jordi Bertomeu on October 18 praised the German BBL basketball league as an example in Europe for economic discipline and political framework to stabilize clubs’ budgets. Bertomeu also talked about Germany’s strong marketing and commercial work, mentioning it would be “great” to see three or four German teams in the Euroleague. The Euroleague boss also spoke in an interview published on the German BBL league’s website  of the importance of Bayern Munich.

The league achieved an attendance record ten times in a row, the clubs increase their budgets continuously and the contest about the German Championship is one of the exciting’s in whole Europe. How do you estimate the development of the BBL in total and where do you see the German league compared to other European leagues?
BBL has been investing heavily in the past years to consolidate the sport of basketball in Germany. It is backed by some great professionals and a consistent successful marketing scheme that provide some very positive results. It is clear that the BBL on that level has many learnings and experiences to offer as a guide to some of Europe´s national leagues.  As a league the BBL has been able to consolidate the brand in its market and is slowly increasing its focus on increasing its sporting level on the European plain. This is going to be a fundamental part of the growth of the sport of basketball in the German market.

What do you like in the BBL in particular and what can the other leagues learn from Germany.
BBL is an example in Europe for its economic discipline and for establishing the right political framework to keep clubs´ budgets stable with low or no debt, which is a fundamental right now. BBL has been committed to the project for the past years, establishing the right commercial and legal framework to make the sport grow. However, the league is committed to not only making basketball grow in its home market but has been a very close partner on the European front. Management at the BBL have been very close in some of the decisions that have been made in Europe.

Do you see any areas in the BBL with growth markets? In practice: In which parts should the league reach a higher level?
In Germany interest in the sport is growing, this is thanks to the strong marketing and commercial agreements that BBL has created. However, there needs to be a focus on increasing the sporting competitiveness on a European level. It would be great to be able to see three or four German teams able to qualify for the Euroleague, or even a team reaching the  Final Four. I think that would be a great success for everyone.

Alba Berlin and the Brose Baskets are the most known German Basketball-Brands. Now the new “big player” FC Bayern Munich has joined the league. What do you expect from Munich on the field and do you think they can give German and European Basketball a positive push?
Germany is a very important market and German clubs are able to attract a lot of fans. Bamberg and Alba have been two teams that have been a good example of a club with a solid organization, with loyal fans, and who have a great fan base. Bayern can add to this, bringing its strength as a club, its fans and its strong brand to help the sport of basketball grow in Germany. We have had a lot of interesting conversations with the clubs president and it is clear that there is a strong commitment to the sport, for example with the investment in the arena.

What do you expect from the Brose Baskets in the new Euroleague season?
Last season Brose Basket had some very exciting games in the competition, and it is clear that having won four BBL championships in the past seven years, it is clear that Brose is comfortable in being with the top European basketball teams. We are excited to have Brose back and we hope that they have an equally, if not more, exciting season this year.





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