The Bayern Munich basketball team have lined up a friendly game against newly revamped Red Star Belgrade for October 5 in Belgrade. The game will act as a promotion of the new Belgrade club – which is a new collaboration between Red Star and FMP.

It also will be a dress rehearsal for Red Star Belgrade’s start in the Adriatic League on October 8, while Bayern will have played one game in the German BBL.

The Belgrade team is coached by legendary boss Svetislav Pesic, who has very strong connections to Germany, having coached the German national team to the 1993 European Championship title and guided Alba Berlin to a number of titles in the 1990s.

Pesic, who still spends much time in Germany, has also been mildly linked as a possible successor to Dirk Bauermann as German national team coach.

Pesic’s son is Marko Pesic, the new personnel director at Bayern Munich.




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