Dirk Bauermann was really disappointed about not getting the head coaching job at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Dirk Bauermann was really disappointed about not getting the head coaching job at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

German coach Dirk Bauermann admitted he was very disappointed about not getting the recent vacant head coaching post at Maccabi Tel Aviv, which was given to Žan Tabak.

Bauermann met with Maccabi president Shimon Mizrahi in Barcelona just over three weeks ago to discuss possibly replacing Guy Goodes, who was fired from the Israeli club on November 9.

“I thought after the talk that it was right and I was close. But that happens,” Bauermann told the German language Telekom Basketball Podcast. 

“It really hurt for two days because that really would have been it.”

Instead of Bauermann, Maccabi chose Tabak, who had been serving as head coach of Spanish club Fuenlabrada.

Bauermann hinted on the podcast that one of the reasons that Zabak was picked was because he is Croatian, the same home country as Maccabi team manager Nikola Vujčić

The 57-year-old Bauermann said things are not easy for German coaches on the international coaching market.

“As a German coach, you have to say honestly, you don’t have an international lobby and network that can help in these kinds of situations,” Bauermann said.

“I don’t mean it to sound dumb, but I am kind of on my own. The others all are very well networked through sports directors and agents and colleagues etc.”

Bauermann has been very successful in Germany, winning nine league titles with Bayer Leverkusen and Brose Baskets Bamberg. He also coached at Bayern Munich and BBV Hagen in Germany and twice served as Germany’s national team coach.

Bauermann’s stints abroad included a brief stay at Apollon Patras in Greece as well as Belgian side BC Oostende. He coached at Lietuvos Rytas in Lithuania and Krasny Oktyabr in Russia and was the Polish national team coach.

Bauermann is currently under contract with the Iran national team, which will be playing at one of the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments next summer.

He told the podcast that he would like to work a possible option into his contract with Iran that will allow him to leave if an “interesting” offer in Germany or Europe opens, not meaning he must say no because it’s a long-term deal with Iran.

“They want a long-term commitment and I don’t want to bind myself for four years without the chance to take advantage of such an opportunity,” Bauermann said.



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