The days of Dirk Bauermann and Bayern Munich are over.

The status of the Bayern Munich project must be put into question on Thursday as Dirk Bauermann – the hand-picked coach of choice by Bayern president Uli Hoeness – was sacked on Thursday with immediate effect.

“After intensive conversations, the authorities at FC Bayern Munich on Thursday 27 September 2012 fired head coach Dirk Bauermann with immediate effect. Dirk Bauermann was informed this afternoon about the decision,” read the official Bayern press release.

“The reason for the firing lies in the differing ideals over the future development of basketball at FC Bayern Munich.”

Bayern vice president Bernd Rauch called the decision “difficult step”.

“Dirk Bauermann played a significant role in the positive development of basketball with FC Bayern. After extensive discussions over a number of weeks, we came to differing ideals about the management and development of the team,” said Rauch.

Speculation was rampant about why Bayern Munich would sack Bauermann, who had a contract until 2014, just six days before the start of the Beko BBL season.

The Munich daily SZ says Bauermann sacking may be connected to an unauthorized night on the town by Bayern players Chevon Troutman, Jared Homan and Tyrese Rice following Munich’s recent test game against Alba Berlin.

Homan was detained by Munich police last winter late night but did not face any disciplinary action and his contract was extended two years.

Even though the sacking was a shock, the paper said Bauermann was “too dominant” and “resistant to advice”.

Hoeness said last week that honeymoon is over for his team and players and that expectations are higher after reaching the playoffs last season.

When he brought Bauermann in as head coach two off-seasons ago, Hoeness said the former German national team coach was the main reason he decided to push basketball in Bayern. Hoeness also went head-to-head with the German Basketball Federation and the Beko BBL league last off-season to allow Bauermann to coach both Bayern and the German national team – which is not allowed according to BBL statutes. Bauermann eventually resigned from the national team and stayed on for his second season with Bayern.

Now, just six days before Bayern start their season at home against EWE Baskets Oldenburg on October 3, Munich must find a new coach.

The new man in charge until then is Bauermann’s assistant Yannis Christopoulos.

Here is the press release of Dirk Bauermann being fired from Bayern Munich



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