ratiopharm ulm showed off their class in the second half in rolling past FRAPORT SKYLINERS 96-69 in Game 2 of the easyCredit BBL Final Tournament 2020 to reach the Semi-Finals and a showdown with MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg.

Ulm, who booked a 101-61 victory in Game 1, took the second half 49-21 and were paced by Dylan Osetkowski with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Andi Obst chipped in 19 points, Archie Goodwin scored 13 points and Thomas Klepeisz tallied 11 points and 8 assists for Ulm, who forced 23 Frankfurt turnovers.

Gytis Masiulis and Yorman Polas Barttolo both scored 14 points to lead Frankfurt in scoring.

Richard Freudenberg started a 7-0 run for Frankfurt to take their first lead 7-5. The game was tight throughout the first quarter until Obst drained two three-balls for a 23-18 lead, which was 23-20 after 10 minutes.

Matthew McQuaid hit a triple at the other end in a 7-0 Frankfurt start to the second quarter to move ahead 27-23. Tyler Harvey and Obst were on target from long range as Ulm were up 30-27 and it was 34-33 before Skyliners got treys from Freudenberg and McQuaid and a three-point play from Bartolo in a 17-4 run to open a 48-38 lead. But Ulm closed the first half with the final nine points and trailed just 48-47 at the break.

Goodwin opened the second half and pushed Ulm back ahead. Klepeisz and Osetkowski began to really shine with the big man scoring seven straight points for Ulm, who surged ahead 63-57. The duo combined for eight points in a 10-0 spurt for a 73-60 advantage, which was 73-63 after 30 minutes. Ulm opened the fourth quarter with a 16-2 run to end any hopes of Frankfurt about even just winning the game with an 89-65 cushion.

QUOTES: Ulm’s Andi Obst: “The first half wasn’t that easy for us. Frankfurt wanted to prove that they can play better than in the first game. They did, we also let up a little bit. In the second half though we played our game.”
(Importance of keeping a rhythm): “For us it was clear that we won the first game by 40 points, but it was not a reason to let up because we wanted to go into the Semi-Finals with a good feeling. I think we can be very satisfied with the second half. Everybody did their part. We were able to rotate a little and everybody is warmed up for the Semis.”
(About Ludwigsburg): “I think it will be a very physical, athletic game. Ludwigsburg is known to play quickly and physically. They have individual talent in the team. We have to control them and we have to keep playing our team basketball, defending and running. And hope that we leave the court in the end as winners.”

Ulm coach Jaka Lakovic (about Ludwigsburg): “Well … it’s going to be a very difficult series I think. Ludwigsburg have been playing great all season long. We’re going to have a very good Semi-Finals, and hopefully we will have our best game. What that means, we’re going to see.”

Frankfurt’s Richard Freudenberg: “I think we played a very good first half. And then Ulm went on a run, and everyone has seen in this tournament that Ulm is a very good team. Then it was very difficult and the rest is history.”
(About the whole season): “I think we played a very good tournament, except for the last game against Ulm and we struggled against Bamberg. But more or less I am proud of what we were able to do. Coach said it after the last game: We had three team practices. It seemed like the Americans were in quarantine for a year. I think we leave the tournament with our heads high.”


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