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heinnews’s David Hein was at the NBBL All-Star Game at the Beko BBL All-Star show in Ludwigsburg and caught up with NBBL South Team star David Taylor. Hein and the 17-year-old point guard talked about playing with both the second division ProA Nürnberger BC and the U19 NBBL Cybex Bayreuth at 17 years of age; playing for his father Derrick Taylor; what he needs to work on in his game; his expectations for the up-coming Albert Schweitzer Tournament and U18 European Championship; and his options of going to college.

heinnews:  David, you just turned 17 in January and here we are playing at the U19 NBBL All-Star Game. How does it feel to be one of the young kids on the block?
Taylor:  Yeah, I was kind of proud to be one of the guys selected to play in the All Star Game with the 1993 age group. It was a big honor. I just wanted to go out and have some fun. That was pretty much all I wanted to do.

heinnews: What is your approach to this season playing in the NBBL and ProA?
Taylor: In the NbbL, I just wanted to go in and play good and make the playoffs. We still have a little chance to make it. In the ProA, I really just wanted to get into the rotation and play some minutes and get some experience playing with the older players. Right now I got hurt a little bit so I have been out of the rotation so I am trying to get into my groove again to get back into the rotation.

heinnews: What kind of injury did you have?
Taylor: Five weeks, groin problem. The doctor said I couldn’t play for five weeks. So I’m getting back in shape.

heinnews: That must be tough at that age when you just want to go go go.
Taylor: Exactly. But my dad said I shouldn’t play. He kept me calm.

heinnews: What’s I like playing for your dad, former BBL great Derrick Taylor, at NBC?
Taylor: It’s normal like every coach. He treats me like all his players. I have no advantage or disadvantage playing for him.  Like always.

heinnews: Where is your game and what do you want to work on?
Taylor: I think I’m a decent all around player. Right now I’m a little bit of a scoring point guard. I really have to work on my shot to consistently knock down some threes. I think I’m a decent defender. I can guard people. I think I can drive to the basket pretty good. And I’m kind of athletic.

heinnews: Hitting those two three-pointers in the first quarter of the All-Star Game must have been a good feeling then.
Taylor: That gave me a good feeling starting the game making my shots. After that I really just wanted to create for other players. Get everybody involved and had some fun.

heinnews: The Albert Schweitzer Tournament is coming up. What are your thoughts on that event?
Taylor: I think it’s going to be an awesome experience. Playing with our team we have a really good team. We are really strong at all positions. I think we are just going to go out there and do our best. And get the title.

heinnews: One of your teammates at this All-Star Game is Paul Zipser. What’s it like playing with him – since he’s such a high flier?
Taylor: He’s unbelievable. He’s really good. Athletic and can shoot the ball. It’s really fun to play with him. I can just throw it up there and he will go get it. Going into the AST with all those players it will be good

heinnews: The U18 European Championship is also coming up. What are your expectations for that tournament?
Taylor: I think we are really good. We are at the beginning of our preparations, so we can’t tell what the plans are. But I think the expectation is to be at least fourth and go to the (2013 U19) world championship.

heinnews: You are a 17-year-old earning minutes in the second division ProA. What are your goals for the future?
Taylor: My short terms goal are probably next year finish school and then go to college in the U.S. and then after that maybe see. Maybe NBA, you never know. That’s my big goal.  I’m gonna work hard for it.

heinnews: You have a preference for a college? I’m sure the LSU Tigers would love to see Derrick Taylor’s son on campus.
Taylor: LSU is one of the options. There are a couple of colleges that I’m going to look at. But I’m not sure yet. I haven’t decided anything.

heinnews: Do you have a timeline for your decision?
Taylor: Probably after this season I will check out which will be the best.

heinnews: You ready to study hard? Your dad won’t just let you go over and just play basketball.
Taylor: I’m pretty good at school so I think I won’t have any problem.



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