EWE Baskets Oldenburg wasted a big lead but still prevailed in Game 1 of their easyCredit BBL Final Tournament 2020 Quarter-Finals with an 86-81 win over Brose Bamberg.

Oldenburg led by as many as 17 points in the third quarter but Bamberg pulled within one point in the closing minutes, setting up more drama for Game 2 on Saturday. Rickey Paulding scored 20 points – 11 points more than his tournament average coming into the game – and Rasid Mahalbasic collected 19 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists to lead Oldenburg, who also got 15 points from Nathan Boothe.

Elias Harris led all scorers with 24 points for Bamberg, who also had Jordan Crawford tally 15 points and Retin Obasohan score 10 points.

Oldenburg jumped out to a 7-0 lead and Bamberg head coach Roel Moors called a timeout after just 1:22 minutes. Crawford finally got Bamberg’s first points but Oldenburg followed with a 7-2 spurt to open a double-digit lead 14-4. Crawford added two more scores and Harris converted a three-point play to get Bamberg within 18-15. But Oldenburg were up 24-15 after 10 minutes.

Two Mahalbasic free throws started the second quarter before Harris took over for Bamberg with six points in an 11-3 run to get Moors’ team within 29-26. Oldenburg punched back with two Ian Hummer scores and three-pointers from Paulding and Braydon Hobbs to re-establish the 10-point lead 43-33 and the lead was 45-33 at intermission.

Paulding continued his strong game with a three-point play and three-ball to increase the lead to 51-35 and it was up to 54-37. Tre McLean, Christian Sengfelder, Nelson Weidemann and Obasohan all drained three-balls and Obasohan added a three-point play and Bamberg were suddenly as close as 61-54. But the score was 65-54 after three quarters.

Mahalbasic opened the fourth quarter and the gap was 13 points and Bamberg slowly got themselves back into the game. Harris had a three-point play, Kam Taylor drained two treys and both Crawford and Paris Lee hit from long range before Harris trimmed the deficit to 76-75. Mahalbasic and Boothe kept their nerves and drained treys and Oldenburg went ahead 82-77. Paulding added a dunk for good measure.

QUOTES: Oldenburg’s Rasid Mahalbasic: “The first half was tops, the second half was a flop. But we can be happy about going back to the hotel with a five-point victory.”
(About the showdown with Elias Harris): “I would say today was a little unusual. I rarely guard a four (PF). Super game for him. I am happy for him. He had a difficult time the last three months with Corona. A super guy. A super player and I was happy that we both had good games.”

Oldenburg’s Rickey Paulding: “I think we let up a little bit in the fourth quarter. But they’re a great team. They fought back and we were fortunate to get the win.”
(About Game 2): “I expect another close game. Hopefully we can play like we did in the first three quarters, and hopefully we can come out with a win.”

Bamberg’s Elias Harris: “The whole thing could have been a lot worse. Oldenburg let us back into the game. The first half was a disaster. It was more ego ball than team basketball and it resulted in the deficit. But I am very proud of the team, that it fought back into the game and pushed hard and gave us a chance on Saturday to turn the series around.”
(About Game 2): “We have to pay attention. Our advantage is the quickness that we have. We relied too much on halfcourt basketball in the first half and played Oldenburg-style basketball in terms of speed. We have to avoid that and know better.”


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