The quest to becoming a superpower in basketball as well has begun for Bayern Munich as new coach Dirk Bauermann made his first acquisition for this up-coming ProA second division season by adding former Yugoslavian international power forward Aleksandar Nadjfeji.

The steady 33-year-old veteran Nadjfeji left top flight BBL side Walter Tigers Tübingen to sign on a three-year deal with Bayern. The Serb – known for his all-around game – has played in the BBL since 2001 for Bonn, Cologne and Berlin before moving last season to Tübingen.

“Sasa is one of the best, most reputable and most successful players over the last few years in Germany. His addition is a huge success for our team and underlines our efforts to add strong quality in personalities and performance,” said Bauermann on Bayern’s website.

“I would like to bring my experience to this exciting project,” said Nadjfeji, who won two German BBL titles with Cologne in 2006 and 2008 as well as the 2007 German Cup with Cologne and 2009 German Cup with Alba Berlin.

“The plan is to get promoted the first year, be in the playoffs in the second season and play for the title in the third,” added the 2.02m three-time father to the Berliner Zeitung daily.

Rumors are flying in Germany about players on their way to Bauermann and Bayern – with the Berliner Zeitung daily saying the team’s budget for 2010-11 will be 3 million euros.

A number of sources are reporting that German international Demond Greene will be joining Bayern after playing last season with Gymnastikos Olympia Larissas in the Greek second league.

Former German U20 international Bastian Doreth, 21, is all but agreed to a new deal with Bayern after playing last season as a double license player between Brose Baskets Bamberg and Nürnberger BC.

“I have been given the contract but it’s not been signed. But that will happen soon,” the 21-year-old playmaker Doreth told the Nürnberger Nachrichten.

Beckham Wyrick is also reportedly close to joining Bayern and Bauermann after helping Bamberg win the German BBL league and German Cup double this past season.

RP-online meanwhile reported that former German international center Robert Maras is the only player from Bayern’s 2009-10 roster who will make the cut with Bauermann.



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