The worldwide financial crisis has struck everywhere – even the German basketball BBL league. But one BBL club may have found a new way of earning money – the German version of the worldwide-known game show “Millionaire”.

Köln 99ers manager Jens Brämer was one of the contestants on Monday’s edition of the “Wer wird Millionär” game show and made it to the middle chair with German host Günther Jauch. Here is the link to the show (starting at 40:50 mark). Brämer, who was at the show – which is recorded in Cologne – with his brother, answered the following question to get the chance to win the big money:

Order the release of the following movies chronologically:
A. Toy Story
B. Ratatouille
C. Finding Nemo
D. Wall-E

And Brämer answered correctly – A, C, B, D – in 5.2 seconds.

He only answered the first two questions before the end of the show. The next edition of the show has already been taped and will be shown on Friday night on German television station RTL. But Brämer and the club refuse to offer any details of how much money he won. He told the Cologne daily Express only: “I can only say, it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun.”

The Köln 99ers is a somewhat financially strapped club which has seen two German international players – Guido Grünheid and Yassin Ibdihi – leave the club this season – though Köln have since signed Michael Jordan and Stevan Milosevic.

Unfortunately for the Cologne club – and German basketball – the host Jauch, a big sports fan, did not even know about the team, which did win the German BBL title in 2006.

Brämer later told heinnews: “I was there as a private person. I had tried to apply five or six times on the hotline and was finally selected. But I had some problems with a couple of the questions.”

When asked if his winnings could go towards the club, he added: “Well, with the amount that I won, it really isn’t worth talking about that. But it would have been nice.”





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