Bamberg are awaiting the return of top playmaker John Goldsberry - Photo Getty

Brose Baskets point guard John Goldsberry returned to Bamberg to continue his rehab following knee surgery. The German Beko BBL club posted some comments from the playmaker on Facebook and heinnews has obtained the brief interview – as follows:

Brose: John, welcome back! What does it feel like to be in Bamberg again?

Goldsberry: It feels good, it feels good to be back in Bamberg. I had been gone for almost three months now. But I am excited to be back and to get ready to make this final third of the season with the team. My body feels good, we will see how it will react in the next couple of months.


Brose: Will you be back in practice any time soon or is it still rehab?

Goldsberry: At the moment just rehab, I still have a lot to do before I will be to practice. But  I am working harder and harder at rehab than before and hopefully will be back sometime.


Brose: Have you brought your family with you?

Goldsberry: Lindsay and JJ come back next week. I had the dogs with me, my wife and my son follow next Thursday. I am very grateful for my family’s support.



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