Photo from DBB

Bayern Munich remains in the headlines whenever a player leaves his club or is even unsure if he will return as playmaker Johannes Strasser is the latest German international to be connected to Dirk Bauermann’s new ProA second division club.

“I am indecisive,” Strasser told the Bonn General Anzeiger on Wednesday about if he would return to Telekom Baskets Bonn or leave the team.

Bayern and Bauermann are reportedly interested in Strasser, who has been nominated for Germany’s training camp for the 2010 World Championship. But the 28-year-old would not confirm or deny Bayern’s interest, though he paper that he would be happy if the Bavarian metropolis soon had a BBL team.

“But I cannot say if I would then go there for an away match or wear the Munich jersey,” said the Munich native, who had to turn down the national team invite after an operation on a broken finger.



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