Bayern Munich point guard Steffen Hamann dishes an assist - Photo by © Fishing4

Steffen Hamann passed a major milestone in Bayern Munich’s dominating 97-70 victory over Artland Dragons, handing out his 1,000th assist during his Bundesliga career. That makes him one of two players to reach that elite mark since the Beko BBL started its statistics databank in 1998-99. And now Hamann has his eyes set on the number one man.

Hamann’s former German national team backcourt mate Pascal Roller is currently considered the all-time leader with 1,158 – though the BBL is currently working on updating its database with past years of statistics.

Hamann’s 1000th assist can on a pass to Jonathan Wallace after which the Audi Dome PA announcer notified the crowd of the history just witnessed.

“I didn’t even know about it until the PA announcer said it,” Bayern’s captain told the German mass daily Bild.
When asked by the paper about Roller’s 1,158 assists, Hamann said: “I will catch him still!”

Hamann has already collected 118 assists this season through 25 games. He needs just three more to eclipse his personal regular season mark of 121 during the 2007-08 season with Brose Baskets.

This season also saw Hamann collect double-digit assists for the first time in his BBL game with 10 assists at home against EnBW Ludwigsburg on October 12, 2011.



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