Relegated club Giessen will return to the BBL next season after being awarded a wild card by the German basketball league. Another wild card may be handed out as the BBL awaits financial paperwork from Köln 99ers.

Giessen finished second to last in the BBL last season to earn relegation to the ProA second division. But a wild card for the top flight was made available when 16th-placed Nördlingen announced that they would not play in the BBL in 2009-10.

BBL management chose Giessen in favor of Bremerhaven, who finished last place but also bid for the wild card.

Bremerhaven, however, still have a chance to return to the BBL as a second wild card may become available. The league is awaiting paperwork from Köln 99ers about whether the club can fulfill the league’s financial requirements. A decision on Köln could come as soon as Friday.



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