Numbers came out Thursday in the German BBL basketball league giving the up-to-date statistics about which clubs are playing the most German players under the age of 24. German basketball fans should be following ratiopharm Ulm, who have given younger Germans the most playing time while Walter Tigers Tübingen should hardly be called a “German” club.

After the season, teams will divide up a pot of currently 340,000 euros. The club where under-24 Germans are given the most playing time earn the largest share of the Under-24 Development Fond and going down according to minutes played.

Leading the way through 11 game days is ratiopharm Ulm, where Germans under 24 years of age (mainly Per Günther and Sebastian Betz) have played 290:10 minutes – or more than 13 percent of the total time played for the fifth-placed club in the BBL. And the club would receive more than 17,600 euros for their efforts.

Köln 99ers are second on the list with 249:18 minutes, followed by Deutsche Bank Skyliners with 241 minutes with the fourth place side – TBB Trier – nearly 70 minutes behind.

The team which should really be ashamed to call itself a German club is Walter Tiger Tübingen, who have given Under-24 German players just 4:31 (!!!) minutes of playing time through 11 games. Second to last BG 74 Göttingen has only had such players earn 8:50 minutes though that is through just eight games.

Here the list from the BBL:

U24-Development Fond after the 11th Game day:

Team                                Current U24 earnings   Total playing time
1.    ratiopharm Ulm         17,617.40 Euro              290:10 Min.
2.    Köln 99ers                 15,136.19 Euro              249:18 Min.
3.    D.Bank Skyliners        14,632.26 Euro             241:00 Min.
4.    TBB Trier                    10,622.05 Euro              174:57 Min.
5.    Brose Baskets             10,429.79 Euro             171:47 Min.
6.    LTi Giessen 46ers         9,356.15 Euro             154:06 Min.
7.    EnBW Ludwigsburg        5,806.36 Euro              95:38 Min.
8.    Telekom Baskets Bonn  5,228.55 Euro              86:07 Min.
9.    Giants Nördlingen         4,384.62 Euro              72:13 Min.
10.    ALBA Berlin                  3,453.66 Euro              56:53 Min.
11.    Artland Dragons          3,219.91 Euro              53:02 Min.
12.    Eisbären Bremerhaven  3,216.87 Euro              52:59 Min.
13.    Phantoms B’schweig     1,841.68 Euro             30:20 Min.
14.    GIANTS Düsseldorf       1,575.55 Euro             25:57 Min.
15.    Paderborn Baskets        1,404.54 Euro             23:08 Min.
16.    Oldenburg                     1,263.88 Euro             20:49 Min.
17.    BG 74 Göttingen                536.31 Euro              8:50 Min.
18.    WALTER Tigers Tübingen  274.23 Euro              4:31 Min.



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