All 35 games will be streamed live on the Germany-based Telekom platform MagentaSport with six games being broadcast on German sports channel Sport1. At the time of this writing it’s unclear if the games can be seen outside of Germany – besides for those watching illegal streams or who can figure out how to utitlize a VPN. There are some who have said German league games have been shown on Laola1tv this season and apparently they hold the international license rights (I have only been told this and cannot confirm it). But Laola have not yet responded to questions if they will be showing the tournament in Munich. Any news on this you can find on my Twitter account or I will update here. UPDATE: The games will be available outside of Germany but the final details are being discussed. Stay tuned …

Two new players allowed

A number of players left their teams in the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak, dozens of Americans for example returning to the United States to be with their families. Some of them decided against coming back to Germany for the tournament, leaving some clubs with major holes to fill. To help compensate for the losses, the league allowed clubs to add up to two new players especially for the tournament. ALBA BERLIN, Brose Bamberg and EWE Baskets Oldenburg are the only three clubs which did not bring in any new players.


Here is a brief look at all 10 teams participating in the tournament. Note, the write-ups are the ones I wrote for the easyCredit BBL website.

FC Bayern Munich

Bayern will be aiming for a three-peat and will have the home court advantage – more just knowing the dynamics of the Audi Dome since there will not be any fans. But head coach Oliver Kostic will be without two of the team’s biggest leaders as Greg Monroe did not come back from the United States and Nihad Djedovic – the MVP of the Finals last season – is out injured. Monroe led the team in scoring, rebounds and steals while Djedovic was third in scoring and second in steals. Bayern did go out and add German national team guard Ismet Akpinar for the tournament, but the story will be how they can overcome the absence of especially Monroe.

HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim

Crailsheim must be thrilled to have a end-of-season tournament as they were the magical team of the season with a 15-6 record and third place. Head coach Tuomas Iisalo will be missing Aaron Jones, Quincy Ford and Jan Span – Jones and Ford both double-digit scorers and Span the team’s second-best assist man. But Crailsheim, who added David Brembly and Marvin Ogunsipe, still have much of their balanced attack as Javontae Hawkins, Sebastian Herrera, Jeremy Morgan and DeWayne Russell all scored in double figures as well. Can the magic continue?

EWE Baskets Oldenburg

Oldenburg were up and down this season and now focus on adding a second league trophy after the 2008-09 season. Head coach Mladen Drijencic still has the main core, missing only two reserves in Kevin McClain and Justin Sears. Oldenburg did not add any new players especially for the tournament but they brought in Ian Hummer just before the suspension of the season as the exciting forward played just one game and can be a big factor for the team’s hopes.

BG Göttingen

Göttingen were in a fight to make the playoffs and decided to participate in the final tournament and now can even dream of the title. But head coach Johan Roijakkers will be missing a couple of key pieces with Kyan Anderson, Dylan Osetkowski and Adam Waleskowski all not in Munich. The team ended up bringing in point guard Leon Williams, Erol Ersek on loan from FC Bayern Munich and Dutch center Jito Kok. The Austrian Ersek has a German U23 double license so he does not count towards to two-player addition limit for the tournament. Williams, who played with Göttingen from 2016 to 2018, will be especially important since Anderson led Göttingen in points and assists.

ratiopharm ulm

Ulm entered this season with the dawning of a new era with Jaka Lakovic as new head coach. The team had its ups and downs and took a hit in January when they lost the league’s leading scorer Zoran Dragic to the EuroLeague. For the tournament in Munich, Lakovic will not have his leading playmaker Killian Hayes, who has decided to stay in the United States and prepare for the NBA Draft. Also not on hand will be Seth Hinrichs and Grant Jerrett. But Ulm were able to sign BG Göttingen big man Dylan Osetkowski, who received a German passport and signed on to remain with the club; and also bring in Thomas Klepeisz from Basketball Löwen Braunschweig.

Group B

MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg were having a great season, dropping just four games for second place before the break for Coronavirus. Head coach John Patrick will desperately miss his leading scorer and assist man Khadeen Carrington, who did not return and neither did double-digit scoring big man Tanner Leissner and energy source Konstantin Konga. But Ludwigsburg brought in Teyvon Myers, who was the leading scorer this season for JobStairs GIESSENS 46ers, as well as Zamal Nixon, who averaged 13.7 points and 4.1 assists and 1.4 steals in the ProA.


Berlin will be hoping for the seasonal double after winning the MagentaSport BBL Pokal German Cup. Aito Garcias Reneses and Berlin management decided against adding new players after reserve guard Makai Mason did not return from the United States due to personal reasons while the team will not have injured Tim Schneider and his energy off the bench. But Aito will have Stefan Peno back after a long rehab process and the rest of the Berlin bunch will be hungry for the title.

RASTA Vechta

Vechta finished off their magical run last season with a limited rotation in the playoffs. Well, head coach Pedro Calles will need his men to come up with another such performance. Sure, Vechta do have leading scorer Trevis Simpson, Josh Young, top big man Ishmail Wainwright and defensive stalwart Max DiLeo. But Calles will not have Robin Christen, Jordan Davis, Zabian Dowdell, Kamari Murphy, Justin Raffington and Steve Vasturia. Vechta were able to bring in Matic Rebec from Cibona Zagreb and Jaroslaw Zyskowski from Stelmet Zielona Gora, but this will be a tall task for this team.

Brose Bamberg

Bamberg will not have their Freak City fans on site in Munich as they shoot for league title number 10 – and the first in the Roel Moors era. The head coach will not have Bryce Taylor or Louis Olinde but the core of the team remains in tact – one that underperformed expectations in the Basketball Champions League, where they failed to get out of the group stage. The team did not add any new players for the tournament, but they were still getting used to Jordan Crawford, who had played only the final two games in the league before the Coronavirus outbreak and will be needed to score.


Frankfurt have new life after a season to forget – with just six wins in 21 games. Head coach Sebastian Gleim – who received news that the man he was filling in for Gordie Herbert will not be coming back next season – not only has his main weapons back with Lamont Jones and Tez Robertson, but the team also brought in for the tournament the two-time German league Defensive Player of the Year Yorman Polas Bartolo. Big man Leon Kratzer is injured and it’s unclear if he can play so Frankfurt added Lithuania talent Gytis Masiulis. Not with the team in Munich will be Matt Mobley, Daniel Schmidt and Darius Carter.


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