Beko BBL CEO Jan Pommer

Beko BBL CEO Jan Pommer

Expect some changes in the coaching ranks of the German youth national teams as the Beko BBL and the German Basketball Federation (DBB) have agreed to allow BBL coaches to coach German U16, U18 or U20 national teams. They will also be allowed to serve as assistant coaches for the German senior national team.

“This was a wish from the DBB. The clubs were a bit reserved but after some long discussion, we agreed,” Beko BBL president Thomas Braumann announced Sunday.

“We have to make available the best possible coaches for the national teams. We have to make sure that the German national team is as strong as possible,” added league CEO Jan Pommer.

Previous rules prohibited Beko BBL coaches from coaching any German national team – senior or youth – or serve as an assistant. The club coaches are still not allowed to coach the German senior national team.

The change takes effect starting with the 2015 summer teams.




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