The United States military’s decision to pull out of Bamberg could prove to be a real advantage for Brose Baskets. The two-time reigning German league and cup champions are looking into using a training center currently on the U.S. Army grounds in the Franconian city.

Brose Baskets general manager Wolfgang Heyder said he will begin talks with the city and the club’s partners so that the Bavarian powerhouse can gain access to the six year old training center, which includes two full size courts with parquet floors, a running track, sauna, whirl pool, weight and fitness rooms and other rooms including one for gymnastics.

“The training center would definitely push us forward in the entire development process. In that regard, we would be extremely excited if we were to come to a resolution. We will meet with the local politicians in the coming weeks to prepare solutions in the coming two years,” Heyder said on a video interview published by the club.

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“I am kind of naïve. The gym is there. It would be a premium training center. There is nothing like it in Bamberg or the nearby region. We could let the women play in the second league there and also the NBBL and JBBL. It’s a brilliant situation. The gym exists. We have to look for solutions with the politicians and our partners that we could use the gym when the Americans pull out.”

The Americans are reportedly going to start withdrawing troops from Bamberg this summer but the full withdrawal is not expected until 2013 when a possible handover would then be feasible.

“It would be a dream if we could be in there in the off-season prior to the 2013-14 season,” said Heyder.

The club GM said he doesn’t expect that many interest parties to be challenging Brose Baskets for the gym. But Heyder said it’s too early to say if the club would purchase the facility or rent it cheaply and pay the operating costs.

As part of its plan to improve the standard of the league, the German Beko BBL is encouraging clubs to have their own training facilities so that they can practice at all times.



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