Photo from Beko BBL

The enticing plot surrounding the coaching future of German national team coach and Bayern Munich head coach Dirk Bauermann took another twist this weekend when BBL CEO Jan Pommer said the German league was not responsible for the much-debated issue.

“We are not part of the problem. But maybe we can be part of the solution,” said Pommer at the BBL All-Star Day weekend in Trier.

The German Basketball Federation (DBB) was less than thrilled about Pommer downplaying the BBL’s role, calling Pommer’s comments “false” and “unacceptable”.

“This statement is false. This entire discussion would not exist at all if the Beko BBL had not decided that coaches in the Beko BBL could not coach a national team,” said DBB General Secretary Wolfgang Brenscheidt on the federation’s website.

“The DBB did not make any decision, but rather must deal with the decision of the Beko BBL. Therefore I feel it is inacceptable that Mr. Pommer rejects responsibility with his statement. Apparently there is a problem with perception.”

The BBL instituted a rule following the 2007-08 season that head coaches of BBL teams were not allowed to head coaches of German national teams – a ruling that forced Bauermann to step down from either Bamberg or the German national team in 2008.

Bauermann appears destined to make a similar decision in the coming weeks or months – only this time between remaining head coach at emerging basketball power Bayern Munich – who are overwhelmingly leading the ProA second division – or at the German national team.

One major concern from the DBB point of view is that Bauermann would chose Bayern over the Germany job and the DBB would be lose one of its best coaches of all time.

Bayern Munich club president Uli Hoeness also made a public statement this weekend, telling the Munich daily TZ: “Without Bauermann we will not continue this project. We simply need someone who can push things forward. And Bauermann is someone like that. But I am optimistic. When it’s time we will sit down together and talk out everything calmly.”

The BBL desperately want the issue resolved and will have a talk with Bayern Munich and the DBB in February.

“Then we will see more. At the moment so much is being speculated and asked. We have to wait to see in the end what Bauermann actually wants and how Bayern and the DBB position themselves,” BBL spokeman Dirk Kaiser told heinnews.



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